Breathe Easy with RespoKare, the World’s First US FDA-Cleared Anti-Viral Face Mask

The “-ber” months may have passed, but we are still in the middle of what is known as “cough and cold” season: changes in weather and temperature make people more vulnerable to problems such as cough and the common cold, which, while curable over time, make it difficult for a person to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Prevention being the best cure, as many a doctor would say, it is important to have some sort of everyday protection, not only against dust and smoke, but also from viruses and bacteria, to keep these and many other respiratory problems away.

Understanding this need for effective protection, Innonix Technologies, Inc. has developed the first and the only anti-viral face mask approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). The end result is RespoKare, a face mask specially made to offer protection not only from your everyday dust, soot, and other respiratory irritants and allergens, but from harmful germs as well. RespoKare’s protective layers work to neutralize airborne germs—unlike other face masks which generally only act as particle filters—to keep wearers safe from a multitude of problems.




At the heart of RespoKare’s technology is its four layers, each of which exercises a particular function. The outermost layer, composed of spun-bond PPE with a hydrophilic and acidic coating, effectively traps and denatures the cell structures of bacteria and viruses. The second layer is unique to this product: a germ-killing layer, composed of dyed rayon with metallic ions, effectively neutralizes even the most harmful of airborne germs. A third, non-active layer of melt-blown PPE acts as a filter for finer particles. Finally, a fourth layer, composed of spun-bond PPE, acts as a final barrier, and ensures that prolonged skin contact does not result in irritation and other similar side effects.


RespoKare’s unique anti-viral properties also make it particularly effective against diseases such as H1N1 flu, SARS and MERS-CoV, among others. Without proper protection, people not only unwittingly get these diseases, they also spread them around, making things worse. Even the World Health Organization (WHO), along with many governments which have existing guidelines regarding such outbreaks, now recommend face masks as standard procedure when such outbreaks occur.


Respokare has started to be available in the Mercury Drug chain of over 1,000 stores nationwide. RespoKare is distributed by IDS Medical Systems Philippines on behalf of Innonix Technologies, Inc. It is also available in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.



To date, RespoKare is the only anti-viral face mask cleared by the US FDA, with all materials used classified as “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the agency.

Other information and laboratory test reports are posted on

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0

ASUS Raises the Bar of Smartphone User Experience with ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0

This just-released smartphone innovation from ASUS packs in even more heavyweight features, making it the perfect successor to last year’s best-selling ZenFone 5

Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0

The search for that elusive perfect mobile phone can be a long and challenging one,  as every smartphone user would know. But if ASUS’ globally leading brand value and countless international and local awards this year alone is any indication of its prowess in product innovation, then one need not look far to finally find the smartphone attuned to his multi-hyphenated lifestyle.

As one of its latest mobile unit offerings, ASUS successfully introduced the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL), a smartphone that perfectly embodies the brand’s commitment to put extra premium on both user experience and innovation – what with its several unparalleled key features – while widely considering its value for money (SRP: PHP 7,295.00).

This year’s best value smartphone from ASUS

Undeniably, ASUS’ most notable mobile unit innovation during 2014 was the best-selling ZenFone 5 – a marvelous smartphone that stood out due to its then unmatched performance. But being the global powerhouse company that it is known to continuously push the envelope of product solutions, ASUS then soon after picked up from the success of the ZenFone 5, raising the bar this year even further by upgrading these features and just recently introducing the even more remarkable ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 – now significantly equipped with features that one has never quite experienced in a smartphone before.

Blazingly Fast Auto-Focus with Focus Speed of Up to 0.03 Seconds

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0’s rear camera has laser autofocus technology for the fastest possible clarity. Its infrared laser measures distances at lightning speed – and that means near-instant focus as fast as only 0.03 seconds. Compared with traditional contrast focus, ZenFone 2 Laser is easily in the lead by up to 2X faster speed, wherein the infrared laser gets the most accurate distance of the object and the lens simply accelerates itself to the precise position for the imaging. 

Ultimate screen protection — Corning Gorilla Glass 4

The ZenFone 2 Laser‘s display comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection against accidental damages. This also makes ZenFone 2 Laser the only smartphone with the best screen protection at this price range.

The Gorilla Glass 4 is much stronger than its third generation of Gorilla Glass 3 in many perspectives: its display offers twice (2X) the drop-damage resistance of its predecessor, a 2.5X increase in retained strength and is 85% less likely to break in daily use — making it safer and stronger than ever before.


Cotton Council International launches new brand identity

MANILA, Philippines – Cotton Council International (CCI), the marketing and promotions arm of the United States cotton industry, has formally re-launched its 26-year old flagship brand, COTTON USA, in the Philippines.

Since 1989, over 50,000 product lines and three billion products have proudly carried the name COTTON USA. This translates into about 100 million bales of cotton spun, woven, cut, sewn, and enjoyed by people all over the world.

“Our brand has been highly successful,” CCI President Dahlen Hancock said. “However, the global marketplace has changed dramatically and has become more competitive because petroleum-based fibers are often cheaper. The new generation of consumers needs to hear why cotton is such a wonderful product and why U.S. cotton is the premier cotton for textile and garment manufacturers and consumers, especially families.”

In the Philippines, the COTTON USA Mark was introduced to garment manufacturers and consumers in 1994.  The Mark, often displayed on garments and merchandizing shelves, has been a symbol that assured Filipinos that the items being purchased were 100 percent cotton, 50 percent of which was cotton sourced from the United States of America. To date, CCI has 19 licensees divided into six categories – women’s wear, men’s wear, men’s innerwear, children’s wear, home textiles and personal care – in the country.


The benefits of cotton on skin

Cotton is a common fabric that makes up our everyday wear and clothing needs from innerwear, shirts, jeans, towels, and bed sheets. It is a natural fiber preferred especially for babies because it rarely causes allergic reactions to the skin, preventing irritation and excessive sweating.

Dermatologist Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino echoed the importance of using natural fibers like cotton to help prevent more complex skin conditions like textile contact dermatitis. “When choosing clothes, one should not just consider the aesthetic aspect. You should feel comfortable and pleasant when the fabric touches your skin,” she said. Dr. Rufino added that choosing non-irritant, absorbent, breathable, easy-to-wash, and natural fabrics is one way of preventing or treating these skin manifestations. In comparison, synthetic fabrics may contain formaldehyde finishing resins, dyes, glues, chemical additives and tanning agents that can be harmful to the skin.

Cotton USA

U.S. Cotton – purity, quality and responsibility

In addition to a new logo, the re-launch includes a revitalized brand vision emphasizing three key attributes that set U.S. cotton apart from others – purity, quality and responsibility.  Further, new promotional and merchandising tools will be rolled out in stages globally over the next year.

Purity: U.S. cotton is shipped pure from the field. It’s clean, non-irritating, and safe.  It is the standard by which all other fibers are measured. 

Quality: U.S. cotton producers take meticulous care to produce high quality U.S. cotton. Cotton grown with care is soft and white, but it takes hard work, sophisticated technology, and true craftsmanship to bring out the very best in nature. COTTON USA licensees use U.S. cotton to manufacture high quality apparels and home textiles.

Responsibility: From U.S. cotton producers to manufacturers, they are dedicated to creating a better world. Since 1980 to 2011, as result of continuous improvement, U.S. cotton producers significantly reduced five resources to produce cotton fiber.  Land use has been reduced by 30 percent, soil erosion by 68 percent, irrigation water applied by 75 percent, energy use by 31 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent.  And, at the end of its journey, U.S. cotton is biodegradable and can be safely returned to earth.

In conjunction with the National Cotton Council, CCI works to promote U.S. cotton exports through COTTON USA in more than 50 countries globally, including the Philippines. With offices in Washington, Memphis, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai and dedicated representatives in numerous other countries, CCI plays the lead role in educating and strengthening the market for U.S. cotton and U.S. cotton products around the world.

For more information on CCI, please visit


CFL or LED? Which light bulb is better for you?

With lots of attributes to consider, which is really better for you? Let’s scale it down.


CFL also known as compact fluorescent is your mini version of a standard fluorescent light bulb.

CFL gives lighting efficiency and has been used for decades now and it has graced our homes as it fits perfectly in an ordinary socket without using an adaptor.

CFLs normally takes a few moments to warm up and reach its full brightness.

However, CFLs contain a small amount of mercury which normally does not cause any hazard but if the bulb breaks accidentally, that’s where the problem comes in. Mercury has been banned in the medical field due to its harmful effect on human health.

Regular CFL bulbs lasts up to 6000 hours

Average energy use per year: 767 KWh/yr

Average cost in the Philippines: Php 125 to 300


LED or Light Emitting Diodes was introduce several years back with the promise of lowering your electric bill.

According to the study made by Lighting Research Center, LED light bulbs work by bringing together currents with a positive and negative charge to create energy released in the form of light. The result of this is a fast source of light that is reliable and instantaneous.

LED bulbs also fits an ordinary socket without the need of an adaptor and it bright up as soon as you switch it on.

LED bulbs is considered good for the environment and are endorsed by green movements.

LED bulbs generally cost more to buy although manufacturing technologies are lowering these prices as we move along.

Regular LED lasts anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours.

Average energy use per year: 329 KWh/yr

Average cost in the Philippines: Php300 to 800

Equal Factor

Both serves your lighting needs efficiently. Both fits in sockets of your lamps and fixtures. Meaning, if you don’t consider the chances of your bulb breaking then you would likely choose CFL over LED because of the price difference.

Points to Ponder:

Cdr king light bulbs

CFL might cost less but it requires you to buy more bulbs over time whereas LED lights last longer, so even though you’re paying more at purchase, you buy fewer bulbs in the long run.

Considering the humid weather in the Philippines, we should also consider that CFL bulb emits more heat than LED bulb, thus, by choosing wisely, you can reduce the heat index in your home.

Moreover, if you care for the environment, Lower energy consumption decreases carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur oxide, and high-level nuclear waste.

CD-R Kings makes it easier for you to decide

CD-R King, your one-stop media provider gives you the ease of choosing by taking away the drawback of price difference by making LED bulb available to the General public at a more affordable price.

This is effort compliments their advocacy in encouraging people to care for the environment during their California e-bike campaign early this year.

It is also noted that CD-R King offers several choices of LED bulbs with different price range both for personal and industrial use.

Below are some of the choices for regular household use.

For other variants, you may visit CD-R king branches or check out their website at

PLDT HOME introduces Telpad for your connected home

PLDT HOME Telpad, the world’s first and only landline, tablet and broadband in one, recently launched its latest and most high-technology unit to date. The all new Telpad is the most advanced centerpiece of the digitally connected Filipino home which is designed to level up the way families connect and manage the home.

Telpad Unit

Telpad Family

“Ever since we launched the PLDT HOME Telpad, we’ve sought to raise the bar when it comes to communicating and creating meaningful connections at home,” Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT executive vice president and head of home business, said. “We continue to embrace the digital age, and with it, its benefits for managing the home. The new PLDT HOME Telpad is testament to that, as it addresses the changing needs of the digitally connected Filipino family.”

High-tech home management

Telpad Team and Mika Lagdameo

Forgot to turn the air conditioner off? Want to turn down the volume on the television?

Now, you can use the PLDT HOME Telpad to do that, and more, remotely. The all new Telpad has an intelligent technology feature that enables it to be used to control home appliances thru WiFi and Infrared. It is also ideal for controlling PLDT HOME’s recently launched home monitoring system, the FAM CAM. And, in addition to landline and high-speed PLDT HOME DSL connection, it can connect the family through a built-in Wi-Fi repeater and router.

Music lovers in the family will also enjoy listening to their favorite hits with the all new Telpad’s high-fidelity speakers that provide distinctly better audio quality output. Connect to the dock via Bluetooth and play songs from your smartphone or laptop.

“The all new PLDT HOME Telpad is the most advanced centerpiece of the digitally connected home,” Gary Dujali, PLDT Vice President and Home Marketing head, said. “It is the ideal platform for enjoying PLDT HOME’s suite of multimedia services, and for efficiently managing the way families connect, share and enjoy at home.”

This newest and most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad is available on high-speed PLDT HOME DSL plans 2099 and up, and all PLDT HOME Fibr plans. Log on to for more information.

Gear up with the new Honda XR150L

Honda Philippines Inc. recently launches another version of its popular and versatile On/Off motorcycle, the Honda XR150L.

The Honda XR150L furthers the On/Off Road Honda Legacy that began in 1977 with the XL 125 K 3, and has continuously evolved through the years introducing innovations both in power and fuel efficiency.



“The XR150L is our answer to those who are looking to step up and push themselves further to test their limits either for work and adventure, says Mr. Ghilbert Cababa – Advertising Group Head.

“With the improvements we’ve made to the XR150L, we are very confident that this is the motorcycle they need to reach that next level. 


The new Honda XR150L is the step-up of XR125L, taking its best features with updates to create a package that combines rugged durability with low operating costs.

For starters, the Honda XR150L simply looks stunning. It now sports a more CRF-inspired design as compared to its predecessors. Fresh styling includes a new headlight design with protective shield for better illumination while a futuristic meter panel gives you more information to make your ride safer and improved front & rear winker to a sporty design for added attraction.

The seats also get an ergonomic makeover providing more On/Off riding comfort even during those long rides. Practical and useful, the XR150L adds a multi-functional grill that lets you carry everything you need. There’s also a new internal engine balancer which reduces vibration and will result in greater rider comfort.

Honda’s XR150L also boasts of a more powerful 150cc engine, which hosts a range of improvements beginning with an offset cylinder that utilizes the same technology with CRF250L for efficient transmission of explosive power and but with better fuel efficiency.

The Honda XR150L likewise requires less attention and enhanced reliability and safety with its larger air cleaner and a sealed, maintenance-free battery. The Honda XR150L is also equipped with an electric start and a backup kick starter.


Besides all the visual and engine improvements the new Honda XR150L also has several advantages over similar motorcycles in its class. It has a seat height of 825mm which is suitable to the average Filipino height while its 1362mm wheelbase provides better handling and drivability.

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It has the highest displacement of 149.15cc and a maximum torque of 12.5Nm @6000rpm that provides power and torque to easily reach max power at low rpm. The XR150L also has a 12L fuel tank capacity which is good for long rides.

The Front tire size 90/90-19 and rear tire size 110/90-17 makes the best balance for On/Off (50/50) driving condition and the front disk brake diameter 240mm is also bigger for better braking power.

The new Honda XR150L comes in red & black colors and is now available in Honda dealerships nationwide at SRP P83,900.00.

For more information, visit

Honda Philippines, Inc.Head Office & Manufacturing PlantLot 34 Phase 1-B Road 3

First Philippine Industrial Park

Tanauan City Batangas

Tel. Nos. (632) 581-6700 to 99

(632) 756-7300 to 59



Marriott Hotel Manila features THANN amenity line

To enhance the guests’ beauty and body care regimen, Marriott Hotel Manila features THANN – a natural Thai skincare line. Marriott Hotels, the flagship brand of Marriott International has partnered with THANN to reinvigorate the guestroom beauty experience, through a new and exclusive amenities line. Propelled by growing consumer demand of its customers for undiscovered high-end products, Marriott Hotels selected THANN for its increasing global appeal, leading its expansion in the US market. Formulated through artful natural therapy and modern dermatological science, the THANN amenities are made from high quality raw materials and botanicals and presented in imaginative packaging. The partnership marks Marriott’s continued dedication to improving every touch-point that allows guests to “Travel Brilliantly” at their hotels.

Today’s world travelers are sophisticated and savvy – they expect touches of luxury that reflect their aspirational lifestyle and sense of style and exploration. Marriott Hotel Manila will offer guests a joyful and uplifting sensory experience through THANN’s Aromatic Wood Collection – a line that balances Nutmeg essential oil with the sweetness of Orange and Tangerine essential oils.

“Marriott Hotels is on a journey to reimagine the future of travel and THANN amenities will elevate the guest experience at our hotels,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president, Brand Management, Marriott Hotels. “Our research shows that customers rank bathroom amenities among the top five most important influences on their overall guest room experience. Partnering with THANN will also enable Marriott to meet another customer desire for the introduction of new amenities on a regular basis. As THANN’s products continue to become available in North America, we are excited to be among the first to offer the brand’s products to our guests.”

“THANN aims to offer customers a lifestyle of total wellness, and in collaboration with partner Marriott Hotels, we will influence both business and leisure travelers around the globe,” Said Tony Suppattranont, Managing Director, THANN, “We strive to make our amenities the highest quality and are proud to be a part of Marriott’s invitation to “Travel Brilliantly.”

THANN Amenity Line

In addition to being featured in Marriott Hotels’ guestroom bathrooms, the Aromatic Wood Collection will also be available for purchase on Some of the items that can be enjoyed are Aromatherapy Hand Wash (8.45 fl. oz.) – P 847.00, Aromatherapy Shower  Gel ( 11.15 fl. oz.) – P1,292.00, Aromatherapy Conditioner (8.45 fl. oz.) – P1,159 and  Aromatherapy Shampoo (8.45 fl. oz.) – P1,159.

For more information, please call 988-9999. To join Marriott Manila’s ongoing conversations, like us on or follow us on Twitter @marriottmanila and Instagram @manilamarriott.