SPECTRE Blocked Screening at Resorts World Manila

This year’s most awaited James Bond 007 movie is coming to cinemas this November, and PMCM Events Management and WhenInManila.com together with Resorts World Manila brings you this special movie blocked screening of SPECTRE on November 07, 2015 (Saturday) 5:00pm in Newport World Cinema 3.

SPECTRE, which stars Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris, is another adventure packed movie produced and distributed by Columbia Pictures. According to the original creator of the James Bond Series, Ian Fleming, SPECTRE stands for “Special Executive for Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”. In this movie, 007 discovers dirty facts of SPECTRE while its leader Franz Oberhauser hunts him down to death.

This James Bond movie is one of the longest amongst the series as it runs approximately 2.5 hours. It also has the oldest James Bond girl to date, Monica Bellucci, who is now 50 years old. This movie really is a must-see for every 007 fanatic.

You can now reserve your tickets of SPECTRE Movie Block Screening at the Resorts World Manila, November 7, 2015, 5:00 pm, by calling PMCM Events at 5010029 or 09178344978. Don’t miss this opportunity of enjoying this movie with your friends and family.



Haley Joel Osment makes his big screen return in Sex Ed

It’s been more than 15 years since Haley Joel Osment uttered that famous line as the haunted boy in “Sixth Sense” and after taking a break from the big screen, Osment is making a comeback– and this time he is seeing a virgin on the mirror.

Sex Ed

From being Forrest Gump Jr. to his break out role as Cole Sear, which made him the second youngest to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards, Osment seemed on his way to a long and successful acting career.

In addition to his follow-up movies Pay It Forward and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Osment made regular TV appearances and even did voice work for the hit Disney video game series Kingdom Hearts, but when he turned 18, Osment took a break from Hollywood and headed to New York.

“It was always college. My mum’s a sixth-grade teacher, so it was never really negotiable. And luckily, I wanted to go to college, too,” he said in an interview.

Haley studied experimental theater and graduated from the NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts.

“You can only go to college at that time in your life once, when you are 18, in order to sort of figure out what you want in your life,” he adds.

Haley said having that college experience and a social life that didn’t revolve around Hollywood was absolutely crucial for him.

While Haley has been working steadily since graduating in 2011, his biggest role upon his return was in Entourage where he played the main antagonist Travis McCredle, which for a lot of people shattered their childhood image of Haley.

Something he redeems in the upcoming romantic indie comedy movie SEX ED from Solar Pictures.

In Sex Ed, Haley plays Eddie Cole, a down on his luck teacher who lands his first teaching gig at an inner-city middle school.

Sex Ed

He soon finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education. And though he isn’t really equipped to teach them, he’s takes on the challenge of explaining “the birds and the bees”, much to the chagrin of their parents.

But his biggest problem isn’t the students or their parents—it’s himself.

How can a “virgin” teach Sex Ed?

It’s a fascinating role for Haley, as the former child star now finds himself the “teacher” to a new generation of kids who are also aspiring to be actors.

The movie is backed by a talented and comedic cast led by Matt Walsh (Veep) and Retta (Parks and Recreation), Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno, Hemlock Grove), Glen Powell (Expendables 3, The Dark Knight Rises), Laura Harring (Gossip Girl), Abby Elliott (Saturday Night Live), George Eads (CSI), and Lamorne Morris (The New Girl).

“Sex Ed”, uncut and in all its glory, will be hitting theaters on July 22, 2015, released through Solar Pictures.

Quest for the next Filipino Runway pride begins on June 14


Ready, set, sew!

ETC launches the fourth season of Project Runway Philippines with 15 new, up-and-coming designers who have come from all over the Philippines – from Cebu to Tuguegarao, Davao to Koronadal, Samar to Quezon City – in the hopes of becoming the next global Filipino designer to conquer international fashion.
Supermodel and fashion icon Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez returns to the runway as host and judge, describing the fourth season of Project Runway Philippines as unexpected, fun, and more cut-throat than ever.
Famed A-list designer Rajo Laurel returns to the judges’ seat with the aim to help produce a new breed of young designers who can make it both here and abroad by sharing his knowledge about the business side of fashion.
Fashion and beauty expert Apples Aberin returns with her no-holds-barred comments, expecting to see vision, technical skills, a unique point of view, and a whole lot of drama.
Fashion luminary and runway mentor Jojie Lloren returns to the show with one goal in mind – to find the best designer in the history of Project Runway Philippines. Working closely with this year’s contenders, Jojie reveals that this season is probably the most exciting one ever.
From the sewing room down to the runway, fun, drama, surprises, and tough challenges await as contestants have their skills scrutinized, their creativity challenged, and their sensibilities tested in the search for a designer who can make it to the top.
Catch Project Runway Philippines Season 4 every Sunday starting June 14 at 8 pm only on ETC. ETC is available on Sky Cable 16, Destiny Cable 16, Cable Link 34, Cignal 9, Destiny Analog 28 and UHF 21. ETC can also be streamed anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop for free via http://www.blink-now.com.


Supermodel and fashion icon Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez returns to the runway as host and judge, in the hopes of finding the next Global Pinoy Designer. As far as competition is concerned, Tweetie describes the fourth season of Project Runway Philippines as unexpected, fun and more cut-throat than ever.
Returning to the judges’ seat is famed A-list designer Rajo Laurel. This season, Rajo aims to inspire the contestants to bring out a better version of themselves. With more than two decades of design experience, he wants to share his knowledge about the business side of fashion and to help produce a new breed of young designers who can make it here and abroad.
Tough love is what she’s known for in Project Runway Philippines. Fashion and beauty expert Apples Aberin is back with her no-holds-barred comments all set to find the next Pinoy Runway Pride. Vision, technical skills, and unique point of view are what she expects to see on the runway back-to-back with a whole lot of creativity and drama along the competition.
Main stay mentor Jojie Lloren returns to the competition with one goal in mind – to find the best designer in Project Runway Philippines history. Working closely with the designers, Jojie reveals that this season is probably the most exciting one ever. From the sewing room down to the runway fun and surprises awaits.

Her designs are reflections of her personality. Crazy and vintage with a modern twist define her style, mostly influenced by eccentric street fashion. She loves to take retro inspirations in creating her contemporary and high fashion designs. For Melai, being a part of Project Runway Philippines is the biggest break thus far in her career.
AJ followed her heart for fashion even if it meant quitting her job as a banker. As a kid, she was fascinated by her mom’s well-constructed and beautifully-detailed custom-made clothes. AJ takes pride with her signature well-tailored and wearable designs. As far as the competition is concerned, she believes that her positivity and passion will pave her way to runway supremacy.
From creating tiny clothes for her Barbie dolls to making her way to the feisty world of fashion, this sassy girl from Cebu joins the competition to share her talent and love for fashion to a wider market. Celine believes that a lot of women will be able to relate to her and appreciate her body of work. With her impeccable tailoring skills and sophisticated taste, she is bound to set the bar higher this season.
Never stop learning. These three words pushed Shieltz to continuously study fashion design even outside the academe. He graduated from the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE in Brisbane, Australia and currently pursues a career in fashion here in the Philippines. He considers his fighting spirit and discipline as the key to winning the competition. Shieltiel also designs footwear and knows a thing or two about makeup artistry.
Jose’s designs screams one thing – avant-garde! Experimenting on shapes and patterns, he is able to discover his own aesthetic sense and style. He wishes to wow the judges with his eclectic ideas and pattern-making skills whatever the challenges may be. He credits his sister for inspiring him to break into the world fashion.
Fresh out of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Enzo enters Project Runway Philippines with a keen eye for trends and a strong point of view. Sleek and minimal, infused with interesting details, his designs will surely catch attention on the runway. Eager to show his works this season, Enzo regards the competition as a once-in-a-lifetime experience he couldn’t miss.
With no formal training in fashion design, Windell joins the competition with two things at hand – pure passion and determination. He is eager to learn and enhance his skills and techniques throughout the competition. He believes that with his hard work and willpower, he might just be this season’s champion.
Idiosyncratic and quirky best describe Joyce’s unique sense of style. Her creative point of view comes from de-construction and self-expression. She wants to take Project Runway Philippines as a good launch pad for her fashion line. With her out-of-the-box ideas and unstoppable enthusiasm, she will surely give the other contestants a run for their money.
After graduating with a BS Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Vin took a different path and followed his love for styling. He never wasted a moment and immediately studied fashion design. Aside from designing clothes, he also has a background in fashion merchandising, production and packaging. Ultimately, Vin wants to pursue his dream of making a name for himself outside the country by having a successful retail brand of his own.
Justin’s interest in fashion started back in high school when he wanted to build his own style identity. He made his way to college and studied fashion design at De La Salle College of St. Benilde. Overall, his design idea is to play around geometric and asymmetrical cuts. His designs are on point and loyal to his aesthetics. A goal oriented visionary, Justin has his eye on the prize.
Growing up, Rauj always knew he wanted to be a fashion designer. Believing it is his calling, he is currently studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Rauj draws inspiration and motivation from personal experiences and from his hometown, which was stricken by Typhoon Yolanda – Tacloban City.
Jinggay always knew she has a knack for fashion design as it runs in her family. Both her mom and grandmother are strong sewers. Arts, architecture and design influenced her to jump shift from a successful corporate career to a full time fashion designer. Her designs are strongly structured with a couture flair. In terms of the competition, she hopes that her focus and solid construction skills will take her to the top.
Fearless fashion is Jared’s signature style. For him, fashion is a living form of art. He labels himself as a “non-traditional” designer who goes all out with every piece he makes. This fashion warrior is in it to win it. Jared owes his children for pushing him to join Project Runway Philippines.
He established a career in fashion by designing haute couture and wedding gowns abroad. Now, he wants to make a name for himself here in the country. Rommel is a proud self-taught designer who has an affinity for embellishments and draping. With almost 20 years of design experience overseas, this Cebu pride is equipped and ready to bring home the prize.